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Selva Capuzza is a farm of about 50 hectares dedicated to the production of local wines of the area, inside there are also cultivated land to arable land, a truffle and a large olive grove.
It takes its name from the locality in which it is located, the rural areas south of the lake were called "Silvae" already in Roman times. The name "Capuzza" seems to derive from its elevated position, the top of the hills, the "hood" that is located a few hundred meters from the tower of San Martino della Battaglia.

On the estate there is a restaurant Cascina Capuzza, the wine cellar and the farm Borgo San Donino, to divide these three places you can count 870 steps between the two ends (between the Cascina and the Borgo).
A few minutes walk will make you cross the meadows, vineyards, truffle fields, with its oaks, its hornbeam and hazel, bringing you to the Capuzza Cascina Borgo San Donino, touching the vinification cellars.
The farm, located 4 km south of the lake, is located on a hill very valuable and located within the boundaries of the three main areas of Brescia's Doc side of Lake Garda: Garda Classico, San Martino della Battaglia and the heart of Lugana.
The vineyards follows the norms of environmental friendliness, the whole estate is also the area in hunting ban to protect the peace of our guests and defend the balance of wildlife in the area.
Costaripa, a question of style since 1936

A family, a passion, but above all, a project in Valtenesi. Generations of devotion to the land and its fruits. An ode that bears the satisfaction of having marked time at its very heart .

It is an indelible chapter in the history of Italian wine-making and is dedicated to this small piece of land situated to the west of Lake Garda.

Goals have always occupied the time of these generations to dignify the labours of man, giving both his patience and his handshake the value of far-sightedness.

In this land of the Chiaretto, where the main vine is the Groppello, having created his Metodo Classico sparkling wines, Mattia Vezzola now reinterprets the Chiaretto with RosaMara, the rosé that gives new colour to Valtenesi wine production: as fresh as a white wine but with a little of the structure that is typical of a red.

Costaripa is emotion; it is the dedication of those men who have a passion for the value of quality.

Costaripa, wine production in Valtenesi.

We can host privats and groups up to 35 persons.

Prices per bottle are approx. between € 7,50 and € 21,00 .
Tours & Wine tastings

Learn about the spectacular Lake Garda, the Avanzi Family history and the winemaking process during this one hour tour. Guests of all ages are very welcome to join us on this tour. While exploring Avanzi’s long history and commitment to quality you are guided through the Old Winery and historic underground tunnels.

The basic tour culminates with a seated tasting of three award-winning wines.
There are several tour options, according to the requirements of the visiting group, available offering a selection of various light lunch, lunch and dinner choices, all with wine and food pairing.

Summer 2017! Every week (From June to September) on Friday visit our winery and our oil mill!

Where? Avanzi Winery | Via Trevisago, 19 Manerba del Garda (BS)

When? Every week on Friday at 15:00. Meeting point: Avanzi WEINSHOP business. Come 15 minutes before. ON FRIDAY WE SPEAK ENGLISH.

What? Wine tasting of our best wines: Lugana, Chiaretto and Rosso Superiore.
Canevel is located on a flattened hilltop surrounded by gentle rows of Glera grapes, the variety used for making Prosecco. As a winery it’s unusual for the Valdobbiadene area, where grape growing and winemaking are often separate activities.
Founded in 1979, the company has always embraced the entire cycle of production, from the selection and cultivation of the vineyards to vinification and the sparkling process. In this respect it’s like a modern version of a traditional château in the heart of the original Prosecco area, that of the Valdobbiadene – Conegliano Superiore DOCG.
Behind the cellar there is a small mound made from the earth removed for the building. Planted with vines in radial alignment, from the top it offers a wonderful view of the property.
In the local dialect, “Canevel” means a small cellar where the best wines are kept, along with other secrets and traditions. Masi enjoys sharing these delights with guests by organizing visits and tasting events in the new wine shop, which boasts the entire Canevel range: highly distinctive wines that are uniquely complex, yet also enticingly fresh and fragrant.
Our farm is located in a small and beautiful valley in the classical and historical Valpolicella.
Our farm, which extends over an area of 14 hectares, can be seen from the square of the famous little village of S.Giorgio Ingannapoltron, known worldwide for its beautiful old church, the cloister and the archaeological excavations.
The farm is named after the grandfather of the current owners Carlo and Mario.
The vineyards are planted with integrated systems (minimum use of chemicals). Pruning and harvesting are done by hand. In the winery producing wine with grapes from our vineyards in the traditional manner but with little modern equipment, with minimal use of chemical additives.
We sell the wine to many customers, both regular and occasional (we have loyal customers for 30 years).

The farm is strongly suited to the reception of tourists and enthusiasts. We adhere to the Wine Route and the Wine Tourism Movement (Certificate Tourist Accommodation). We are reported on the Loonely Planets guide.
In our family there is always somebody available to receive clients and visitors, and to guide you through our production and aging cellars and our vineyards. An advise is appreciated.
Payment by credit card and cash.
The history of our family has always been linked to the art of viticulture. We live in the heart of the classic zone, in San Pietro in Cariano, and taking care of the land is part of our daily lives, from childhood up to now. It’s a feeling transmitted by our father Angelo, who turned his passion to a fine enology. Since 1951 we are dedicated to the production of fine wines, and are weaving our personal journey with the history and peculiarities of Valpolicella. The name Nicolis tells the story of a family, in which everyone has a mission, that revolves around the land and the wine, and the care of the vineyards, cared with passion by Giancarlo, vinification fine and genuine, guaranteed by Giuseppe.

•Valpolicella DOC Classico Superiore
•SECCAL Valpolicella DOC Classico Superiore Ripasso
•TESTAL Rosso del Veronese IGT
•Amarone della Valpolicella DOC Classico
•AMBROSAN Amarone della Valpolicella DOC Classico
•Recioto della Valpolicella DOC Classico
Family run wine estate with apartments and restaurant just a few minutes drive from Lazise in a very quiet area in the green hills.
Le Caldane: the estate is owned and personally managed by the Jucker family; located in the Lake Garda hinterland
and set amidst the morainal hills just 4 km from Lazise.
Apartments to rent in the farmhouse in a very quiet area.
"Caldane"the name of this locality is very ancient and derives from the thermal springs used to create a spa centre in recent decades.
The Estate Le Caldane has 36 hectares of land in the Classic Bardolino wine production area. More than one-third of the estate is grown with vineyards.
Mr Antonio Bennati was born in the year 1870 in Cazzano di Tramigna, a few kilometres from the celebrated town of Soave near Verona. At the end of the 19th century Mr Antonio began to produce and sell wine, above all locally, with the famous straw flasks. Antonio was also nicknamed “Toni Recioto” from the homonym Verona sweet straw wine, as the winemaking of the more renowned Amarone had not been discovered yet. It was in 1920 that his son Annibale Bennati registered the company with the name Cantine Bennati (Bennati Wineries).
The purchase of some hectares north of Cazzano took place in those years. This area was already denominated in topographic maps of that time “Cornalè”, which is a current range of wines of the Bennati family. After the second world war, with the entry in the company of the young sons Ezio and Aldo, the winemaking expanded reaching all the most important varieties of Verona wines.
From 1906 to now the families Recchia have always had the vocation to make wine, as their land does. With our feet on the ground and gaze at the sky, the heart to the vineyard and the head to the wine, that will be.

Riccardo, Guido, Chiara and Enrico, Roberto, Elisa and Luca. Lovers of the vine. Of its culture but also its structure: a knowledge that has evolved over time, thanks to the study and monitoring of the soil, its composition and conformation, and a careful choice of the type of plant. Because the quality of a wine, here, is designed and built from the vineyard.
Our Estate is situated among the green hills in the Valtènesi area, close to Salo’, with a beautiful and magical view of the splendid Garda Lake.
Since the 1938 we produce wine and extra virgin olive oil with passion and love, in Puegnago del Garda on the western shore of Garda Lake, the beautiful Riviera of Garda Bresciano, in the north of Italy. A great value is dedicated to Garda Lake terroir, our wines are the expression of the soil, the climate and the cultivation in the vineyard.
Our winery is located on the hill of Monte Aullo. There are 30 hectares of vineyards, and 6 hectares dedicated to olive tree with more than 2.500 plants between Leccino olives and Casaliva.
We also produce, with our oils, specialty: green pesto, red pesto, cherry tomatoes under our olive oil, and much more, for you to enjoy, exceptional and exquisite.
Garda lake is famous for its magical surroundings as well for its all over the year mild climate, which contribute to give a special taste to all products. Therefore the words are not sufficient to describe our products, it is really necessary to taste them personally.
For these reasons we should be very glad to welcome you to visit our cellar and taste our products. In our wine shop you can find the whole range of our wines.
The Tenuta San Leone extends over 60 hectares of vineyards, from the banks of the river Mincio in Salionze up to the moraine hills of Custoza in the province of Verona.
The area is rich in history, where the river is the main theme of the findings, which lead us to villages from the Bronze Age (1300 BC), the Gallic necropolis and to the Romans.
Trading route in the Middle Ages, was a much coveted territory, and the scene of many battles. The rule passed through the family Scaligera, the Visconti, and then in 1405 to Venice. Later took the historic confrontations between the French and Austrians in the Risorgimento place, which culminated in the Battle of Custoza in 1866. After that, Valeggio and the Veneto region were enclosed to Italy.
The designations of origin Bardolino and Bianco di Custoza are the heart of the production with more than two-thirds of the vineyards. In order to complete, small productions of international varieties are performed.
In 2005 a new winery was opened in Salionze where the grapes of the Tenuta San Leone are vinified with the greatest consideration for their quality. The winery was designed so that it can be visited every day of the year. There is a path for the visitors, so that they can track all phases of work in safety, thanks to the establishment of a catwalk above the vinification and bottling rooms.
At guests’ disposal there is the Agriturismo San Leone which is overlooking the vineyards of the company. Each room (ten at all) is decorated with wooden furniture and comfortable wrought iron beds, and also equipped with private bathroom, air conditioning, minibar and TV. Some rooms have a small kitchenette. The price of the room includes breakfast and free use of bicycles.
Here the greeting is very warm and the holiday is crowned by quiet rhythm, biking, and trips to Lake Garda surrounding.
Once repeated Count seat in unique location right on the lake and on own small private harbor at Lazise. Simple apartments for a relaxing holiday.
With its unique location directly on the shore of Lake Garda, the erstwhile seat Count La Bagatta offers a unique setting. With its unique location right on the lake and the magnificent views of the lake and mountains, the winery Villa La Bagatta offers a unique ambience. Private beach and direct access to the lake form the active contrast to the extensive parkland with mature trees surrounding the majestic vinery. Apartments of different category are perfect for self-catering families with children. An older tennis court, as well as plenty of open area with couches, chairs and barbecue are available for free use of our guests. For water lovers and boat owners: in our small marina are often berths for motor boats available. Call us!
The history of our family is embedded with the passion for the land and its fruits.

A farming tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, at the foot of the Garda Lake, through the work and dedication of those who gave their own contribution to “Made in Italy”.

The wines we produce, each with its own character and soul, are the stories of those people, whose commitment and originality in the vineyard and winery, make each bottle a unique experience. Our vineyards stretch out over approximately 30 hectares just south of Garda Lake, along the road dedicated to the Virgin “Madonna della Scoperta”, between Desenzano and Sirmione.

Our work began in 2000, observing the soil characteristics and the microclimate of the morainic hills, south of the lake. With this vision, we began to select the vine shoots, decide the number of plants per hectare and select the cultivation method. White wines are made from Trebbiano di Lugana, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Riesling and Incrocio Manzoni varietals, while the red wines are made from Rebo, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon grapes.

Harvesting is exclusively by hand, selecting the bunches and placing them in small boxes that are swiftly dispatched to the winery, which lies in the middle of the vineyards. The maximum distance between the vines and the vinification area is 1,000 meters.

“Perla del Garda” is a multi-level winery inspired by and created second the gravity flow wine making philosophy. On the top level, where the bunches of grapes are delivered, a careful selection takes place, following which the red wine grapes are destemmed and the white wine grapes are gently vacuum pressed. The red wine grapes and the white wine must then flow by gravity into steel tanks located on the middle level where temperature controlled fermentation begins. Once the desired result has been obtained, the wine flows down to the bottom level, filling the tanks and casks in the cellar, where fermentation proceeds and refining is carried out in steel or in wooden casks. Our “Bollicine” sparkling wines are obtained using the traditional method of re-fermentation in the bottle, which takes place exclusively in Magnums.
Wine&Food lovers feel at home at [b]Masi Tenuta Canova[/b], conveniently located on the outskirts of Lazise, in the hinterland of Lake Garda. Visitors admire not only the welcoming atmosphere and the quiet elegance of the interior and exterior spaces, but also the integrity of a cuisine that is seasonally based. The tour of the estate starts from the belvedere, with views that span the countryside from the vineyards to the hills of Valpolicella, and on up to the mountains. The drying room, or fruttaio, where the grapes are left to wither before pressing, is the next stop, followed by the maturation [b]cellars [/b]where the famous Campofiorin is left to age. A [b]Wine Shop[/b] with the complete range of Masi wines is located in the heart of the premises. It is also possible to taste and compare products from the various different Masi estates in the ‘[b]Vino e Cucina[/b]’ Wine Bar, where wines can be matched with food dishes inspired by local tradition.

In good weather, the attractions of Tenuta Canova are further enhanced by the chance to eat wonderful food outside, under the silvery branches of the olive trees. Suitable for families, groups of friends, and individuals too, there’s always a restrained buzz of conviviality to be found in the courtyard, while the versatile spaces of the cellars and the drying loft are able to host conferences and events. 
Moreover, in the [b]Wine Discovery Museum[/b] a multimedia tour takes visitors closer to the culture of ‘vines and wines’ through the history of the Boscaini family and Masi’s current activities in its various locations. The centre of the museum is a giant 50,000-litre wooden vat, 5 meters
high, where the phenomenon of fermentation is made real with images, perfumes and sounds captured live. Immersing oneself virtually in the purple magic of fermentation is an exciting and educational experience at the same time; enjoyable for the kids, too.
The winery is located in the farmhouse built in 700 in the heart of Vallagarina. We welcome our guests in a friendly atmosphere at any time of the year. Our property is literally surrounded by the vineyards that have made Marzemino d’Isera so famous. The production, coming only from grapes of our vineyards, is limited but selected: we care about genuineness obtained through “ancient” processing methods.

La Vineria Restaurant

Within the winery there is also a small farmhouse restaurant “La Vineria” which offers a magical environment to better appreciate a simple and genuine cuisine, faithful to the most ancient cooking traditions of Trentino. Combined with our wines our cuisine contributes to spend pleasant evenings in a sober and elegant atmosphere. It has independent entrance and parking.

We are oganized to host privats and groups up to maximum 80 persons.

Prices per bottle are aprox. between € 6,50 and € 15,00.

Grape varieties: cabernet – chardonnay – marzemino – merlot – moscato giallo – pinot bianco – schiava

Groups: up to 80 persons

Payment: American Express – Cash – Mastercard – Visa
At the beginning of the last century Angelo Vantini started growing robust and selected vines on the grounds around his manor house. Right in the middle of the classical wine-growing region of Valpolicella he laid the foundation for a family enterprise which even today is still going strong.
Already in its third generation this enterprise which is rich in tradition is under the management of a member of the family, Luigi Vantini, the founder’s grandson.
Those who want to learn about the world famous Valpolicella wines have come to the right place as this wine-growing estate produces well-known quality wines.
Adjoining the rural manor house, but housed underground you can visit the beautiful, recently expanded cellar.
Valpolicella , Ripasso, Amarone, Recioto, vino frizzante, Custoza, Bardolino, Rosé Chiaretto
Our estate “Coali” is located in a small village in the hills of “San Giorgio Ingannapoltron”, in the area knows as “Valpolicella”, in Verona province, north-east Italy. The art of viticulture is a richness that the Savoia family passed on for three generations, farming the family owned property: 30 acres of which 15 are dedicated to vineyards. We are a very small winery and we produce only 22.000 bottles in a year. Our family follow personally each phase during the production and sale of the wine. All the grapes come exclusively from our own vineyards with rigorous manual selection of clusters. In all phases we pay particular attention to enhance the typical characteristics of the grapes from our land: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara are grown and harvested with the greatest possible respect for the environment.
We are a few steps away from Lake Garda, whose waters surround our land via the Rio Sermana, from which the village takes its name.
The micro-climate is unique and inimitable, essential for our wine.
The company’s history in the brand: Sermana is a town shaped by a small creek and the native guinea fowl, which traditionally bred among the vineyards.

Nowadays young vines are grown with the same dedication, commitment and sacrifice. Modern agricultural practices are complimented by an unquestionable respect for tradition and nature.

Our wine expresses all of its best features, offering the consumer a wonderful experience of rich flavor and colour…

...this is the true meaning of Lugana’s story!

The production aims to respect the purity of the Lugana wine by the amazing winemaking potential, indelibly marked by the ground that gives birth, great flavor and texture: his frankness is rich in aromas and flavors that capture intensity and character .
Our products are lugana doc “Cromalgo”, the sparkling wine Brut “Le Palafitte”, the passito wine “Il Canneto” and the grappa of Lugana.
The products:
LE PALAFITTE Lugana Spumante Brut IGT
IL CANNETO Lugana Passito Bianco IGT (dolce)
GRAPPA di Lugana
To complete the range, Bardolino and Bardolino Chiaretto, which are originated from Corvina and Rondinella grapes, whose vineyards are managed with the same criteria to ensure extreme typicity.
The winery was founded in 1912 and is since then a family run winery in the south of Lake Garda. As a producer concentrated on Lugana wines, Fraccaroli winery is celebrating its onehundred’s anniversary.

We can host groups up to 50-60 persons.

Prices per bottle are approx. between € 5,50 and € 18,50.
Claudio and Gian Carlo Stefanoni’s Farm Ricchi is located in the picturesque landscape of the Colline Moreniche Mantovane, in the municipality of Monzambano in the province of Mantua, just 5 kilometers from Lake Garda and covers an area of 40 hectares of specialized vineyards.
The Stefanoni’s are stubborn people who love their land and try to interpretate quality in all aspects. Originally from Mantova, who have never forgotten its origins and indeed have made it as a point of strenght, and the escalation in recent years, from a strategic and economical point of view, led the brand Ricchi to become a guarantee of quality for the wines of Lombardy. It started from the small village Ricchi, that lies on the road Festoni in the municipality of Monzambano. It’s the magic of the moraine hills with the cool morning breezes of Lake Garda, that you breathe in the sweet and sinuous horizon of ordered vineyards, that mixes with small groves of limes and country houses.
The family-run winery, on the market for almost 50 years.

In fact the first vintages and winemaking are dated from the year 1955. In 1979, we changed our headquarter. From the ancient Ravagni house, in the historic center of Isera, we moved to a modern building which stands on the central hill of the village. We offer a pleasant environment in which to enjoy all our wines at rest and may be have a little chat with the hospitable Enrico, founder of the winery.
Our Philosophy

We select the best grapes from the classic red and white varieties, with special attention given to the exposure and the maturity of the different varieties. The vineyards from which the grapes are processed into wine, are located exclusively in Vallagarina, at an altitude between 200 and 700 meters.

In addition to the production of classic wines from Trentino, we have added products, that were revealed during careful oenological studies: an example is the well-done Trentino Red "Tebro", a blend of Cabernet and Merlot. It is produced in a limited number of bottles, and particularly in the vineyard attended by using grapes from Guyot cultivation systems, which provide a lower yield per hectare as required by DOC specifications values​​, and also maintained in the cellar. From the same line and therefore of considerable quality and finesse are generated the Trentino Pinot Noir and Trentino Nosiola. These wines are made ​​from grapes of the Guyot vineyards on a hill (500 meters above sea level) near Sasso. The last result of our researches is the Trentino Marzemino "Don Giovanni". Born form the request of the association Mozart Italia in Rovereto to get a representative product, the Trentino Marzemino doc "Don Giovanni", which we suggest, is generated by the application of the old technique of partial drying of the grapes, which improves the scent and texture of the wine.
[b]Masi[/b]’s historic headquarters is located in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica, a territory that extends over the hills between Lake Garda and Verona.
Masi is a recognized leader in the production of Amarone, which stands out from other great wines not only because of its use of grape varieties typical of this area of the Venetian region, but above all because it is produced with dried grapes. The ancient Appassimento drying technique consists in letting the grapes rest on bamboo racks during the winter months to concentrate aromas and flavours in the wine. This unique process takes place in the fruttaio or drying room which is the first stage of the guided tour. Later guests descend into the large cellars dedicated to ageing in wooden barrels, then into the modern experimental cellar, where the Masi Technical Group tests the most innovative winemaking systems in collaboration with international research institutions.
The tour continues in the [b]Serego Alighieri Estate[/b] which was purchased by Pietro Alighieri, son of Dante, in the distant 1353 this enchanting estate lodged in the hills of Valpolicella was bought by Dante’s son, Pietro Alighieri, in far-off 1353, and had already made a name for the excellence of its vineyards then.At the beginning, the house was more like a large farmhouse than a villa, but from the mid-1500s it was gradually transformed into today’s magnificent mansion, where the poet’s descendants, now in their twenty-first generation, still reside. Today, the property shows visitors the soul of Valpolicella and its historical memories. In the cellars, cherry-wood barrels are still used according to ancient tradition, alongside the more usual oak barrels, and still appreciated today for the exquisite aromas they give to the wine. In addition to visiting the winery and the historic fruttaio drying rooms, guests can also discover the complete range of Serego Alighieri and Masi wines at the Wine Shop, taste them and find how best to match them with typical local dishes. The product of the skilful restoration of the Villa’s ancient farm buildings, the Foresteria has eight apartments decorated in elegant country-manor style where guests are surrounded by vineyards and nature. Breakfast is ample, served in the garden overlooking the Villa’s grounds, and includes jams made from estate produce.
It is always a pleasure to take a stroll in the park, with its shaded corners providing the most popular spots, its majestic trees and paths that wind through meadows and vineyards. Stays on the property can be even more active, since the Foresteria includes a fully equipped Cooking School and bright rooms for conferences, as well as spaces for smart receptions.
Tradition. Family. The bond with the land. These are the distinguishing features of Monte Santoccio.
By the family driven winery that extends to 3 acres in one of the most beautiful hills of the Valpolicella Classico, Monte Santoccio is located in Fumane. In Fumane the Ferrari family has its roots.
A story of work, love for the own land, concrete and full of passion, with one goal: quality.
The total control of the entire production process, from the vineyard to the glass, is the only path to make credible the own project of quality, nuanced, profound respect and love for the own land.
A prestigious villa built in 1560 by the architect Andrea Palladio, with an important winemaking tradition and a family that is passionate interpreter: the Begnoni Family.
The winery is based in Pedemonte in Valpolicella Classica, north of Verona.
Red wines of Santa Sofia are harmonious and well structured, they arise from the ability and the long experience of the Begnoni family. The company’s style is characterized by long aging of the wines in oak barrels and bottles. The drying of the grapes in the loft for the Recioto della Valpolicella and Amarone lasts at least 100 days.
Santa Sofia winery opens its doors for wine tasting to discover the most ancient tradition of Valpolicella, the local culture, charm and history.
COBUE Wine resort & Spa is located in Pozzolengo, in the beautiful Morainic Hills, 6 km from Peschiera del Garda and 9 km from Sirmione.
The wine resort provides a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a terrace and free WiFi. You can also relax in the garden or on the shared lounge area.
All apartments are air-conditioned and feature a flat-screen TV, a living room with a sofa, a well-equipped kitchen with a dining area, and a private bathroom with bidet, a hairdryer and free toiletries. Some units include a seating area and/or a balcony.
Guests at the apartment can enjoy a continental or a buffet breakfast.
Change of sheets and cleaning is done once a week for 7-day stays.
Extra changes and cleaning on request: € 20

Wine tours and tasting are organized.

After a 3-year-long accurate restoration work, Schola Sarmenti eventually opens its doors to wine lovers – a mid-1800s wine building, abandoned for over 50 years. Not only an old symbol of the Salento oenology, but also an important cornerstone of our architectural tradition has been brought back to its original beauty by the Marras and Calabreses.

At our winery, visitors may admire the breathtaking beauty of the starry vaults made of tuff stone ashlars and pietra leccese. The embrace between present and past finds its higher expression in the unique, thrilling details. Going slowly downstairs, an intense fragrance enchants your heart and you can not wait to uncover our underground world. A last step and you are finally immersed in our wine world – a barrique cellar realized from old tanks where an ideal temperature and a constant level of humidity all the year round make it the perfect place for aging wines in barrels first and refinig wines in bottles later.

A place where you can breathe the air of the past while the scent of wood and the exciting smell of wine give you a foretaste of a perfect delight.
The age-old oenological tradition that distinguishes Cantina Aldeno seamlessly combines with the commitment to continually update the technologies and machinery. Even today, alongside the shiny stainless steel tuns and barriques, dominate the ancient oak barrels for the aging of the best red wines. The renowned Merlot, undoubted protagonist of all the wines produced here, expressed in various types (novello, giovane, invecchiato, taglio bordolese, passito) and which is annually celebrated in Aldeno at the Exhibition of Italian Merlot Wines. The path of Cantina Aldeno in nearly one century of life is studded with awards both from thenational market as well as abroad, attesting the constancy and quality of its products.

Narrarlo è un’impresa… non resta che assaggiarlo!
Opening hours:
- 9.00 -12.30
- 15.00 -19.00
closed on Monday morning
To organize tastings calling to +39 0461-842511
The winery

Valtènesi Chiaretto, Valtènesi from Groppello grapes and Lugana. The three great wines that tell the Garda are the family’s passion Pasini, who cultivates 40 hectares of vineyards in Valtènesi and Lugana.

Founded in 1958 by Andrea Pasini, az. agr. Pasini San Giovanni, now in its third generation, is highly attentive to the respect and protection of the environment, and the basement houses since 2009 a photovoltaic useful support to the entire company, dates back to 2010, while the choice to indicate on the label the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere to produce each bottle, essential parameter for assessing the environmental impact of the company (Cert UNI ISO 14064). In 2014 the winery officially requested the organic certification.

Next to the cellar, in the ancient farmhouse of 1700 there is the Osteria della Cantina, a meeting place for those who in addition to wine, wants to discover the local cuisine.

Tasting and Tastings

Wine enthusiasts, but also newbies and “curious” who want to know more about the wine world, may come to visit the winery and taste our wines. Are welcomed, surrounded by the scent of the wine, and walking through the small wooden barrels and modern stainless steel tanks, them will be told how from a grape you get the bottle, that is present on our tables.


The wines we produce are purchased directly in the shop adjoining the cellar, and do not forget to ask for the vintage bottle that you most love, we may have one or more available!


In addition to Italian we speak English, German and French.
Agricamping - News 2022

Surrounded by olive trees, cherry trees and vines in Marciaga di Costermano sul Garda, the family-run property has 5 Mobil Homes and 10 exclusive pitches with private bathrooms.

Services include: a salt-purified swimming pool, equipped sun terrace and camper service.
The Agriturismo-Restaurant opened in 2014 offers typical dishes of the area with genuine ingredients at km0.
In the Agri-Shop it is also possible to buy the products of its own production: DOC wine, DOP extra virgin olive oil and related products.

Animals are not allowed.

Garda Natura is synonymous with a relax, green and sustainable holiday thanks to the use of renewable energy.
Ideal place for those who love long walks in the countryside, mountain biking, trekking and rock climbing.

Founded in 1936, the Cesari became soon to be a synonym for Veronese wines in the world.
Already in the seventies, in fact, Cesari’s Amarone Valpolicella is among the first to reach five continents, thanks to the business spirit of Franco Cesari.
Cesari’s wines began so their success story in the world.
Today Cesari takes further objectives: listen to the market to offer “modern” wines by respecting the traditions, and produce in a sustainable way for the environment with guarantees for the consumer, thanks to the certification of production processes.
A company that’s evolving, but without forgetting its own history.
We produce the following types:
Amarone della Valpolicella, Ripasso, Recioto, Valpolicella Classico, Lugana, Bardolino Classico Chiaretto Bardolino, Soave.
The Armani’s vine-growing in the Valdadige for over 400 years.
In Dolcè is our historic estate where there are winery, barrel room, a laboratory and a large tasting room that overlooks Mount Baldo, the Lessini and the expanse of vineyards embraced by the surrounding forest.
And here that we take care of the recovery and preservation of ancient varieties in danger of extinction such as the Foja Tonda, wine symbol of the biodiversity that makes this valley special.
For tasting are available the wines of Valpolicella, Trentino and Friuli, where our family is owning wineries and vineyards.
Valdadige Veronese
Pinot Grigio Doc Valdadige “Corvara”
Foja Tonda Doc Casetta Terradeiforti Valdadige
Valdadige Trentina
Marzemino Doc Trentino
Schiava Rosato Igt Vallagarina
Valpolicella Superiore Doc
Valpolicella Ripasso Doc
Amarone della Valpolicella Doc
Prosecco Doc
Friulano Friuli Grave Doc
Refosco dal peduncolo Rosso Friuli Grave Doc
Marca Trevigiana – Vini biologici
Prosecco Doc “Colfòndo”
Vino Bianco Igt delle Venezie
Vino Rosso Igt delle Venezie

Option 1: wine tasting of the agreed sorts and possibility to purchase at our wine shop
Option 2: guided winetour through the vineyards and the winery, wine tasting of the agreed sorts and possibility to purchase at our wine shop
HOW TO REACH US: A22 exit VR Nord; highway direction Trento then SS 12 in direction Dolcé; after Dolcé follow the signs.
Ca‘Maiol öffnete seine Türen des Guts und des ersten Kellers in einem Pfad zwischen Reben mit Blick auf den See. 
Technologische Veränderungen im unterirdischen Weinkeller voller Stahltanks mit Abfülllinien nahmen schließlich seinen Lauf und entwickelten sich zu voller Weinromantik zwischen Pupitres und Caveau. 
Sie möchten eine Führung durch die verschiedenen Keller und Räume unseres Weinunternehmens bekommen? Oder möchten Sie einen exklusiven Besuch bei uns planen, bei dem Sie die Möglichkeit haben, mit unserem Chef Fabio Contato rare Caveau zu degustieren? 
Dann reservieren Sie bei uns Ihr exklusives Erlebnis welches Ihnen mit Sicherheit in guter Erinnerung bleiben wird.