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Masi’s historic headquarters is located in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica, a territory that extends over the hills between Lake Garda and Verona.
Masi is a recognized leader in the production of Amarone, which stands out from other great wines not only because of its use of grape varieties typical of this area of the Venetian region, but above all because it is produced with dried grapes. The ancient Appassimento drying technique consists in letting the grapes rest on bamboo racks during the winter months to concentrate aromas and flavours in the wine. This unique process takes place in the fruttaio or drying room which is the first stage of the guided tour. Later guests descend into the large cellars dedicated to ageing in wooden barrels, then into the modern experimental cellar, where the Masi Technical Group tests the most innovative winemaking systems in collaboration with international research institutions.
The tour continues in the Serego Alighieri Estate which was purchased by Pietro Alighieri, son of Dante, in the distant 1353 this enchanting estate lodged in the hills of Valpolicella was bought by Dante’s son, Pietro Alighieri, in far-off 1353, and had already made a name for the excellence of its vineyards then.At the beginning, the house was more like a large farmhouse than a villa, but from the mid-1500s it was gradually transformed into today’s magnificent mansion, where the poet’s descendants, now in their twenty-first generation, still reside. Today, the property shows visitors the soul of Valpolicella and its historical memories. In the cellars, cherry-wood barrels are still used according to ancient tradition, alongside the more usual oak barrels, and still appreciated today for the exquisite aromas they give to the wine. In addition to visiting the winery and the historic fruttaio drying rooms, guests can also discover the complete range of Serego Alighieri and Masi wines at the Wine Shop, taste them and find how best to match them with typical local dishes. The product of the skilful restoration of the Villa’s ancient farm buildings, the Foresteria has eight apartments decorated in elegant country-manor style where guests are surrounded by vineyards and nature. Breakfast is ample, served in the garden overlooking the Villa’s grounds, and includes jams made from estate produce.
It is always a pleasure to take a stroll in the park, with its shaded corners providing the most popular spots, its majestic trees and paths that wind through meadows and vineyards. Stays on the property can be even more active, since the Foresteria includes a fully equipped Cooking School and bright rooms for conferences, as well as spaces for smart receptions.
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Via Stazione Vecchia 472, 37015 Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella , Italia

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