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In the hills of Lake Garda, above the town of Garda, in the Verona side of the lake is located the village of Costermano Marciaga , made ​​famous by the great GOLF “Cà degli Ulivi “, now known throughout the world for many international competitions. A few residents, but many beauties of the nature through the seasons to apreciate, especially the colors of the leaves of the forest and the lush vineyards and olive trees, which bring to the visitors a sense of serenity and peace. The reason why apartments and houses are growning here.
In this pleasant place since few years the farm Garda Natura takes advantage of the ideal climate to produce a heady Bardolino DOC, and to enhance even more the palate with Chiaretto Bardolino DOC, which is made with the same grapes. The hill where the farm Garda Nature rises, allows you to enjoy the fantastic visual appeal on Lake Garda, and is full of olive trees, planted according to the strict rule of Oil of Origin (PDO ), to offer buyers a product of high quality, color and olfaction, but particularly tasteful and velvety.
From this wonderful nectar of olives human intuition has expanded the use of the beneficial properties of the oil in every aspect. Realisation of high quality and prestiged soaps based on extra virgin olive oil, also coupled with the scents of lemon and lavender . Sublime benefit is the use of extra virgin olive oil, to make cosmetic creams for body, hands, face and lips. Who tested it, return to purchase, due to the soothing and healing effects observed immediately after use. High quality products.
Nothing is left to chance, also even with the grapes we try to take advantage of every benefit. So we press the pomace slightly and delivered this to the distillery to obtain, after an expiry time for “passitura”, a wonderful Grappa di Bardolino at 40 °, that has a soft taste and is particularly indicated after meals for its beneficial effect on digestion.
The product range is enriched with the inevitable pairing to the oil, that is vinegar, which is made from ​​the Bardolino wine, that offers a robust but not overwhelming acidity on the palate, and gives more thrill to enjoy the wonderful vegetables from the garden.
The Farm Garda Nature offers to its guests a wide assortment of vegetables to be collected directly from the plant, with the consequent guarantee of origin and authenticity of the product, grown without the use of pesticides and ready right in the period of natural aging.
For the entire month of June in Marciaga at the farm Garda Natura cherries can be collected directly from the plant, in different varieties, especially selected with different ripening times, so to have an abundant production for about 30 days. Apricots , plums and melons complete the range of summer fruits , combined to KIWI in the fall.
Obviusly in the farmyard there are laying hens with a Leghorn rooster, all to admire, that produce daily eggs for sale.
Especially popular are the gift boxes that are carried out in the farm Garda Natura, particularly at Christmas, that are buyed for any occasion or holiday .
“Give a gift from nature of Garda Natura” this is our slogan, sure to offer our guests a superior quality and secure positive effect to the eye and the palate.
We wait for many people and directly in the field to live some time in the outdoors and to take home the fruit of a healthy and natural living, made with care by the owners Ivana and Graziano Lorenzini .


• Bardolino D.O.C
• Chiaretto di Bardolino D.O.C
• Rose’ Brio Frizzante IGT Verona

from 15th March to 16th October: all days 10:00-19:00
from 17th October to 14th March: at week-end 10:00-12:30

Equipped for individuals and groups of up to a maximum of 30 guests inside and 300 outside.
Indicative prices of wines between € 4.00 and € 5.00 per bottle.
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Via Montarion 29 Marciaga, 37010 Costermano , Italia

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